How to upload Student Profile picture via EdPrime for staff ?

How to upload Student Profile picture via EdPrime for staff ?

Suggestions for capturing photographs for student ID cards and uploading them via EdPrime for Staff:

  1. Photograph Specification:
    • Use a mobile phone or a digital camera to click a picture.
    • The photograph should be in color.
    • The background of the photograph should be white or blue.
    • The student should be looking directly at the camera with clearly visible open eyes and no red-eye effect.
    • Make sure there are no obstructions such as hair covering the eyes.

* Please refer Sample Picture:


 Directly uploading student photographs via EdPrime for Staff app (Preferred):

  1. Login to EdPrime for Staff app with your login credentials.
  2. Go to top right corner to access menu> click on Search Student under Student module.
  3. Search either via Student Name via Scholar No. or simply click search.
  4. From search result click on Student Name to visit student profile instantly.
  5. Click on choose file option to either upload a picture or you can instantly click & upload.
  6. Click on Submit to save the image.

 Photograph Format Requirement (if saving on Laptop/Phone):

  • The photograph format should be either 'jpg', 'jpeg', or 'png'.
  • The image size should not be larger than 5 MB.

Saving student images for uploading pictures in Bulk:

  • Create a folder with the class and section name, for example, "II A."
  • Save all the images in the required format with the scholar number as the image name for that class.
  • Repeat this process and create folders for all the classes.
  • Compile all the folders into a compressed Zip file by right-clicking on the main folder and selecting "Add to Archive" or a similar option.
  • Select "Zip" as the format and click "OK."






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