How to mark student bulk attendance?

How to mark student bulk attendance?

Bulk Attendance refers to all students' attendance of a school, With Bulk Attendance, one can mark attendance for the whole school.  

  • Click on Bulk under Attendance in Academics Module  
  • Select between “By Scholar Number” or “By Excel Sheet”  

If you Choose by Scholar Number, you will have to enter all the absent students’ scholar numbers of the school with comma-separated for the selected date, the students with those scholar numbers will be marked absent automatically and the rest will be marked present. If you Select By Excel Sheet, you will have to first generate the Attendance Excel Sheet under Students Module > Reports > Student Attendance, and then upload that sheet here. (You can also download the sample sheet by clicking on 'Download Sample). 

  • Now you must Select the Attendance Date you want to mark bulk attendance for and in the next box you must either enter the Scholar Numbers of the Absentees or Just upload the Excel Sheet as described above. 
  • Once Done, Click on Submit. 

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