How to download the Student attendance report Class wise & School wise?

How to download the Student attendance report Class wise & School wise?

  • Go to Student > Reports
  • Click on Student Attendance Report
  • Select Attendance Type > Class Wise/School Wise
  • Select the Class > Section > Date from > Date To
  • Click on Generate Excel

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      Go to Student Module. Go to Reports, under Student module. Click on Student Login Report. Click on Search, to get the report of all students listed in the education institute.   You can use filters i.e., Scholar number, class, section, start date, ...
    • How can I get a student attendance report for a particular period?

      Click on Student Attendance under Reports - Student,   Select Class, Section, Date From, Date to, and Click on Generate Excel.  Once you click on Generate Excel the file will be downloaded on your device. 
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